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500 Rupees At Wedding

It is customary at Indian and Pakistani weddings for guests to provide a monetary token as a gift to the bride and couple, known as shaggan. The unofficial reason for this is also that much expense has been undertaken at the wedding, where guests attend with their entire families and enjoy themselves with the food […]

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Raj Brar Dies From Health Problems

We are always told from a young age to look after our health and throughout the years in education we are always given advice on how to look after ourselves. A lot of people become addicted to medicine when they are constantly being treated for illnesses and this causes more problems. Doctors tend to tell […]

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Backstage Video From Model Goes Viral

The fashion and entertainment industry is a competitive industry with many people struggling and working hard to make a breakthrough. Many models work in a number of fields other than walking on the catwalk, these include TV commercials, music videos, promoting brands and accesories etc. Letely in the Punjabi music videos there have been a […]

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Sunanda Sharma Falls Whilst Dancing

Being a singer in a country like India allows artists to travel all over the country and perform for a wide range of audience. Whilst in foreign countries artists are used to performing in buildings where there is a capacity limit, in India many perform in a large open field where the actual number of […]

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What Happens With Girl After Making MMS

It may seem innocent and fun at the time of making the video, which they think will not be seen by any third person but it is often the case that a video is leaked and causes much embarrassment to those involved, especially the girl in the video. With the use of social media, file […]

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Sirra Wedding Dance Performance

The entertainment industry has been booming for the past 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down. This is particularly being aided with the number of weddings taking place all over the world and people are beginning to ditch live performers and instead hiring dance acts to go with DJ’s. In Punjab there are […]

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New Style Of Dance At Wedding

Dance groups have become very popular amongst party organisers all over India. They are being used for various gatherings which include weddings and engagement parties. These groups make their booking from word of mouth or via posting their material online in a bid to advertise themselves. There are many groups vying for the same jobs […]

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Man Misbehaves With Dancer At Party

A lot of dancers who perform at weddings and other functions in India do so as they have no other option to make quick money whilst remaining on the right side of the law. A lot fo these dancers are still studying in colleges or are earning money to go to auditions as they have […]

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Million Dollar Bus Project On Hold

It has long been been a dream of Sukhbir Badal to bring some financial boosts to Punjab via tourism and business investment. He has earlier made claims that he would turn Punjab into California. There were also talks of casinos, luxury hotels and tourist spots in order to attract tourism to the state, other than […]

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Punjabi Girls In Canada

Canada is a popular country for travelers nowadays and it must have received some sort of boost after the US presidential elections. Canada is also popular with people from India as many have gone over to the country and settled down well. There are many generations there now and there couldn’t be a bigger difference […]

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