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Sunanda Sharma vs Kulwinder Billa

Punjabi singer Kulwinder Billa really rose to fame at the beginning of 2015 when his track “Time Table” was considered a super hit all over the world. He had a troubled start to his singing career but was an instant hit on the show “Awaaz Punjab Di” in 2005 where he lost to Rupinder Handa. […]

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Yuvraj, Hazel, Virat & Anushka Bhangra At Party

The wedding of cricket star Yuvraj Singh became the most talked about event in the entertainment and sport industry this month. Yuvraj Singh tied the knot with Hazel Keech after conducting not one but 2 wedding ceremonies. Before the wedding ceremonies was a lavish party held in a city hotel, where friends and family attended […]

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New Wedding Dancer – Jugadi Jatti

There has become a culture in Punjabi functions for there to be dancers hired ont he day to perform for the guests in attendance. We are now seeing various dancers trying to gain an edge on their opposition and are trying to be more and more provocative. These events do not tend to end well […]

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Groom Gets Questioned At Wedding

Weddings are always a joyous and fun occasion with much fun and cheer in a happy atmosphere, and Punjabi weddings are always jubilant, colorful and lavish affairs. Whether it be at the milni, ribbon cutting or speeches presented at the wedding, there are always jokes played on the groom or his relatives. Here we have […]

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Bhangra At Wedding

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh tied the knot with Hazeel Keech in a week long of ceremonies, from a pre-wedding party to 2 marriage ceremonies taking place within a number of days. The pre-wedding party hosted a number of guests and relatives including fellow cricket stars of the star batsman. Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa also performed for […]

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Dancer Gets Embarrassed At Wedding Party

Every entertainer takes great pride in their appearance and their performance as they are used to performing in front of any sort of crowd. Although when they are away from an audience they may not be worried about what they look due to their being no spotlight on them they will want to be at […]

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Girl Studying With Friend

A lot of the decisions a person makes is based on the upbringing they have had when younger and in many instances they are influenced by the company they keep. A lot of this goes back to a persons education and how they were educated at school and then college and university. Many students nowadays […]

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Watch What Happens At Punjabi Weddings

There is always great expense undertaken during weddings, especially in Punjabi weddings where the family of the bride will take out loans if need be to fund the wedding to the standard expected by the groom’s family. Some families also sell their properties and land in order to pay for the wedding venues, catering and […]

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Fauji Da Kudi Naal Dance

When choosing your career path in life people go through many different phases and try out a lot of jobs before sticking to one. Even those who have studied in colleges and universities in a certain field or subject and obtained degrees, go on to find employment in an altogether different field, either by choice, […]

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Withdrawing Money From ATM Machine

There are many people struggling with financial situations nowadays with debt and personal loans on the rise. Whether it be to fund college/university feeds for studies, or to buy your first home or vehicle, many people take out loans and pay them off over the years. Right now in India the currency of 500 and […]

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