Raj Brar Dies From Health Problems

We are always told from a young age to look after our health and throughout the years in education we are always given advice on how to look after ourselves. A lot of people become addicted to medicine when they are constantly being treated for illnesses and this causes more problems. Doctors tend to tell us to have our daily recommended amount o fruit and veg and we are advised to eat low amounts of fats and sugars. A lot of people who drink alcohol ted to get a little carried away with the drink and must surely be aware of the high amount of sugar in them. Just yesterday Punjabi singer Raj Brar passed away and we were told it was due to him suffering a cardiac arrest in Chandigarh hospital. His close friend has now come out and said he was fond of drinking alcohol and this led to him having problems with his liver which may have ultimately been the cause of his death.

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